Monday, 23 November 2009

A Meander down Curtis Harrington Lane

OK, this is just a slightly sketchy response to a link I've just received which is a lovely coincidence as it has something to do with a new design I've been working on. A great set of pictures of: Curtis Harrington's House by TylerHubby.

I saw his film "Ruby" when it came out in the UK and although I saw it as an Exorcist/Carrie rip-off at the time I will never get certain scenes out of my head (it starred the lovely and unforgettable Piper Laurie too). Years later I started to find out more about this interesting director, and I was lucky enough to discover an interview with him in one of the copies of Films and Filming from the 70's which I'd rescued from the bin men in Crouch End about 20 years ago - but sorry I digress.

Curtis made Avante Garde films in the 40's and 50's (and also worked with Kenneth Anger). I've still to see "Night Tide" (with Dennis Hopper) though it's on my list. But I have seen "How Awful About Allan" and "Games" (and 'Who slew Aunty Roo' is on order). There's an unnerving and sinister dream like quality to these films that seems quite unique to him. I feel he's similar to Sergio Martino in that they both have a particular style that totally immerses the viewer in their world. I feel the same could be said of Russ Meyer.

I saw "Games" very recently, and it definitely could be considered Giallo-esque. I also can't help feeling that it was the inspiration behind "Oasis of Fear" ("Un posto ideale per uccidere") in some way.

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