Friday, 6 November 2009

URL on T-Shirt

This is an interesting one for me, because I do like text and images together (as you may have guessed from the other designs) and I quite liked the detailed url against the larger picture of a laughing Rassimov incorporated into the design (and I thought it balanced the "Four Flies" title quite well) . However, we have had three comments so far that object to the url and see it as spoiling the design, now that I wasn't expecting but has made me think.

The reason we put the logo and url on the design was because we haven't put our labels inside the garments yet, we do want to we've only done a relatively short run so far to see what people like and it's not been cost effective to add the labels we've designed. We wanted something that told people who we are as well as signifying what the t-shirt was about and so we decided to include the url as part of the design.

For the next run we will have labels, (although not for Rassimov or Four Flies as that we'd have to pay for the set up again - and we couldn't do that just yet) and as we do more I'm looking forward to having some lovely swing tags too (mmmm I've got some lovely ideas for swing tags - I have a wish list of goodies). I'd be very interested to hear what other people think as if we get more feedback like this we may reconsider the url on the other designs.


  1. I tend to agree about the URL--
    I don't mind a url on the shirt--maybe small on the back (or on the sleeve would be great!) but I do think it takes away from the great designs when blended in on the main image

  2. Thank you for the feedback Eyeball, I'll be bearing it in mind when we get the next T out

  3. Yup, definitely keep the url off the shirts. Just found the site and like the designs but will never, ever, buy a shirt with a url printed on it. Loving the pronto, pronto-shirt by the way.

    Another thing. I see a lot of movie-t-shirts on the web that would be so awesome if the makers just refrained from ruining it with redundant text.

    A perfect example is a Rambo-shirt I saw on a site. It was military-green with the iconic image of him tying his headband. Great design, if they hadn´t ruined it by printing RAMBO underneath the image. We know it´s Rambo, darn it. I would´ve bought that shirt if it didn´t have the text.

    I won´t ramble much longer but the great image you have on the starter-page of Edwige and a razor is something I would LOVE to see on a t-shirt, but it would be sad to ruin it by printing Strange Vice Of Signora Wardh or something like that along with it. Let the image speak for itself.

    Just my take on it. This site of yours has potential.