Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Carolyn De Fonseca

Well I just got all excited after a quick Google around. I found this Wiki entry:

"Carolyn De Fonseca is an American actress and voice dubbing artist based in Rome.....'
And behold, there is the full list of her films. Excellente! I thought, and look how many others I missed, although I thought this may be due to me watching in the original Italian. What a fantastic resume.
But then I was very disappointed at not seeing "Torso" or "Footprints" there. Am I wrong? Well I've just been through the DVDs and it sounds like the same voice.

Aha! I've just had to come back and add this find.Tim Lucas (my hero and one of the reasons I got into Giallo in the first place) did a blog entry about her where he mentions that she worked on approximately 1200 dubbing projects with her husband, and I've realised that the two roles I mentioned might have been too small to have been featured on that list. Sadly he also says that she died a few months ago. I wish I'd done a search on this amazingly prolific and interesting actress earlier.

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  1. Hi it's Ted Rusoff, Carolynn's husband. I'm sorry I don't remember the two films you mentioned but our careers in the biz were half a century long and involved something like 1300 films, perhaps I can be forgiven. Thanks for your kind words about a great lady and a great talent.
    all the best