Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Ponder on Dubbing

Although I will watch Gialli in the original Italian dubbing if I have the choice, I've seen enough dubbed into English that there's one voice that sticks out for me. Having lost count of the times I've seen Suspiria I find the dubbing actress's voice for Olga is also used in "Torso" and last night, after seeing "Le Orme" again I recognised her as the voice for Alice's friend at the beginning of the film. I can't imagine it would be possible to credit the names of all the dubbing actors but I would be so interested in finding out who this person is, I'm sure there are many other voices I've heard repeatedly, but her voice is quite distinctive. I should start a search or perhaps someone reading this already knows...

"Le Orme"


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  1. Actors for the English dubbed versions were never credited. the producers wanted to give the illusion that these were native English-language films and that you were hearing the original tracks. It's amazing to me how sites like IMdB and Wikipedia ever dug up our names.
    all the best
    Ted Rusoff